First Wedding Film – A Corpus Christi Wedding Film

So I’m excited to be sharing this new video with you all! I have recently started to offer cinematography as one of my services for weddings and I couldn’t be happier with how my first wedding went. The bride and groom were both very loving and their family couldn’t be any more fun. Watch the video at the bottom of the page 😀


So video is very similar to photography in many ways. But for weddings, you also have to worry about audio, camera movement and making sure your settings are spot-on. To give you an example of what we were working with, this is a few things that we used throughout the day.


This stabilizer makes sure that the footage is stable for moving shots!


This monopod makes carrying the camera a lot easier, only have to direct the lens as supposed to holding the camera up yourself.


Of course, this tripod/slider combo was a bit game changer for our production value. It allows us to have sliding shots that are very stable and smooth.

The day went by so fast but this is the end result! 😀