Jen & Joshua

Gear… check Pass to the state park… check Picture perfect perfect couple… check Rain, thunder, and lighting…. check???


Who would have known that our blue skies would turn grey and wet in a matter of an hour? Certainly not us! Like real MVP’s Josh and Jen waited out the less-than-favorable weather and those same grey skies opened right back up and gave us the most beautiful backdrop for Josh and Jen! I guess good things still come to those who wait! Furthermore, I must say that Josh and Jen made our job ridiculously easy! Their cuteness and tender- hearted-sweetness translated flawlessly from real life to camera. I’d say, they are nothing short of a perfect pair!



I'm Juan Jose

I'm all about providing a unique experience for my clients. I define my style as passionate, genuine, and for the modern romantic. If you're just looking for the standard smile-at-the-camera photos we may not be a good fit. If you’re constantly looking for travel ideas, you’re motivated by adventure, and have a creative taste, we’ll be good friends in no time.