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Wedding Photography
- Starts at $2000

Wedding Short Film 
- Starts at $1500

A Juan Jose Wedding
(Photo & Film)
 - $3250

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I'm a big believer in simplicity. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but choosing what photography or video package you want doesn't have to be. My wife and I have shot countless weddings, and we believe the services below to be essential to capture each wedding's story.  

I offer a 1 package format that covers the essentials for every wedding client. All you need to think about is 1.) Do you want extra hours? 2.) Do you want a wedding album?
Every collection includes
 6 hours of coverage, 2 photographers/cinematographers, all of the edited digital files, plus a free engagement session when you book our photography package (so we can get a chance to know each other!).

I want to tell your story

I define my style as passionate, genuine, and for the modern romantic. My goal is to capture the real you through creativity. If you’re just looking for a photographer to get the typical “smiling at the camera” photos, we may not be a good fit for each other.

If you’re constantly looking for travel ideas, you’re motivated by adventure, and have a creative taste, we’ll be good friends in no time.

My style isn’t for everyone, but for those who feel it, let’s create together.








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