Bull Creek Engagement Photos

The story behind these Bull Creek engagement photos, and a few tips for your session!

I took these Bull Creek engagement photos last week, and I can’t help but love how the couple’s romance translated into the camera! Abraham and Daniela first reached out to inquire for their wedding next year. Once things were official, the next steps were to plan the engagement session, which I offer as a complimentary service 😉 click HERE for my wedding prices. I usually ask each couple whether they prefer either a nature or urban location. I always lean towards running out into the wilderness to take “other-worldly” photos, but I also understand that it’s usually out of place for some couples. Luckily, Abraham mentioned that they wanted to take photos somewhere out in nature. I was immediately compelled to look for a location that would make a good impression on what the city of Austin could offer as far as “nature spots” go. This wonderful couple was traveling all the way from Houston, Texas after all! After much research, I decided on Bull Creek.

Photo of an engagement session at Bull Creek.

The Location

There are three main locations that make up the Bull Creek Greenbelt. I call them the Upper portion, the Middle portion, and the Lower portion of the park. I decided to take the couple to the upper portion of the park because I felt like there wouldn’t be many people during the time of day that we went. Usually there are people swimming and walking thier dogs, but today there was a high of 60 degrees in Texas so I understood why it felt like a ghost town when we arrived. I would recommend making a morning trip to avoid large crowds or people in the water.

This is a Bull Creek Engagement photos.
This is a photo of a couple at Bull Creek, in Austin Texas.

The Colors

I understand that planning what to wear on your engagement session could be a little tricky. I always recommend using earth tones, or colors that compliment the nature look.

A photo of a couple by the river at Bull Creek in Austin, Texas.
A couple standing on a rock at Bull Creek in Austin, Texas.


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