La Estancia Bella Wedding Photos

This is a collection of La Estancia Bella Wedding Photos from one of my favorite weddings so far!

When I first photographed these two, I knew that their wedding would be so much fun to photograph. Little did I know that Laurelle would coordinate a fun surprise for Joe that would kick the day off with joy, love, and laughter.

Of course, any wedding isn’t complete without a proper wedding video! Tune in to listen to Laurelle & Joe’s beutiful vows which they wrote themselves! They may or may not contain Lord of the Rings references. To book your wedding video, visit my pricing page to learn more!

This is a photo of a wedding dress at La Estancia Bella.

Laurelle’s wedding dress was so beautiful. It’s a special moment for when I first see the bride in her dress. I’m sure it means a whole lot more to her family, but I can’t help but feel proud for each one of my brides on their big day. The wedding dress is just one way in which the bride puts on a coat of a new future and reality.

This is a photo of a bride getting ready at La Estancia Bella.

Of course, one of the most special moments during a wedding is the father’s first look. This one always gets me. It reminds me of the country song that says, “when tough little boys grow up to be dads, they turn into big babies again.” Have you heard it? No? Just me? Well you’re missing out if not!

This was by far the funniest part of the wedding. My team, 4 in total, and I were all struggling to keep ourselves from bursting out in uncontrollable laugher before Joe got the chance to turn around. So glad we kept our cool, because the payoff was amazing.

This is a photo of a first look at La Estancia Bella.

This is the real deal. The ACTUAL FIRST LOOK. Which was really sweet!

This is a photo of a bridal party at La Estancia Bella Wedding.
This is a photo of the first kiss at La Estancia Bella Wedding.

Aaaaaaand it’s official 😉

This wedding cake was just KILLER. Not only did it taste good, but it was just so beautiful to look at!

This is a photo of a reception at La Estancia Bella Wedding.

Take a guess to what song this was 😉

Photography: Juan Jose Photography

Wedding Venue: La Estancia Bella

Cake: Classic Cakes by Lori

DJ: Greenbelt DJ

Bar & Staffing: Wildwood Staffing & Bar


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