Top 5 Austin Wedding Venues

These are the top 5 Austin wedding venues

Number 5 – The Allan House

The first venue on my list is the Allan House. This wedding venue is a good mix of greenery and the city feel. Although it’s located in the dead center of the Austin metropolitan area, there is plenty of room for parking and hosting all of your guests.




Number 4 – Pecan Springs Ranch

Pecan Springs Ranch is located in the Cedar Valley area. Whatever your wedding theme, whether its rustic or bohemian, Pecan Springs Ranch provides the space and scenery to complete your vision.




Number 3 – Memory Lane Events

Memory Lane Event Center has two locations in the Dripping Springs area. Their original location is Memory Lane, which allows for a variety of wedding themes, indoor and out. Their second location is La Hacienda. With similarities to Memory Lane, La Hacienda is also a wonderful choice for your wedding.




Number 2 – Rancho Mirando

Rancho Mirando may be a little bit of a drive to get to, but you can trust me when I say you wont be disappointed. One of the ranch’s great features is the fact that it’s located on top of a series of rolling hills. If you want a great view for your wedding ceremony or reception, this is the venue for it.




Before I share number 1

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Number 1 – Texas Old Town

Texas Old Town is our Number 1 venue for the mere fact that it holds 4 different buildings for weddings. You can either have your ceremony at their Redbud Hall, or use one of their beautiful reception areas for your guests. Whichever you choose, the staff at Texas Old Town has a good reputation among the wedding industry in Austin. If you’re not sure where to have your wedding or reception look no further than Texas Old Town.



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